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Tweet The war the fallen angels are fighting is an uphill battle. The worst that can be done to us by our enemies is only scratching the surface of what we can do to each other. Leviathan is after a killer, one who enjoys his hobby immensely. Come meet Leviathan as he tries to find […]

August 1, 2017 0 comments

Tweet Welcome and thank you for joining me as I celebrate the next installation in my thrilling, new paranormal project, The Úlfrinn Series!  In Little Queen, I continue to explore the inner family dynamics of my beloved wolf pack and how they’re dealing with the steady rise of allies and enemies.  Of course, Corbyn and […]

July 1, 2017 0 comments

Tweet Who doesn’t love a good paranormal story about wolves?  I know, I do!  That’s why I really wanted to make my wolves stand out from the other packs and I hope I accomplished that by delving into the oldest wolf legend I could find: Odin’s Wolves.  Oh, yeah, did I say love wolves?  How […]

June 2, 2017 0 comments