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Getting to Yes: A Christmas Cara

by Red Sage Publishing

I bet you remember A Christmas Carol. I bet you read the Dickens story at school, or maybe your grandmother took you to a stage play of it. Or maybe you saw the old movie or the Disney cartoon. And maybe you had the same thought I always did: “This is a great story, but it would be even better with a little romance!”

Well, it’s Christmas time, and Santa has given us what we wanted– a romantic, sexy version of A Christmas Carol: Bethany Michaels’s erotic story A Christmas Cara.

It’s not your old favorite. This story has been updated for the 21st Century. Scrooge is now Cara, a hard-driven successful executive who always considers the bottom line– and she doesn’t mean the one on her hunky neighbor. She means the one on the spreadsheet that determines the company stock price, price-earnings ratio, dividends, not to mention her bonus. Those are what get all her passion–so you know something has to change.

One night she dreams she’s visited by her old boss, Marley Jacobs, a crabby old woman who gave her life (literally) for the company. Marley introduces her to her ghostly colleagues (who are a lot sexier than in the original, you’ll be glad to know!), and Cara is taken on a journey to her Passions Past, Passions Present, and Passions Future….

So what, beyond the clever tie-in to a classic Christmas story, drew me to this submission? Well, I’d worked with Beth before, on Educating Eva (scheduled for an upcoming Secrets anthology), and I loved her light comic voice and her deep emotional passages. So when she told me she was working on an update of Dickens, I knew right away I wanted to see it. We discussed connections to the original, especially in the ending, and then she sent in the submission.

I know the original pretty well, and re-read it in preparation, and Bethany managed to capture the wry spirit of Dickens but also juice it up with some hot men and hot sex (which the original totally lacked)! And the development of the premise was so adept. Of course, Scrooge would now be a grim executive focused on promotion, obsessively counting her stock options instead of his gold coins! And of course the uncertainty of modern life would have distorted Cara’s appreciation for romance–I found myself nodding and laughing when she offers, as a wedding present to two co-workers, the names of good divorce attorneys.

But most of all, I was captured by Bethany’s voice. Not many writers can pull off light comedy mixed with intense emotion, but Beth has an especially deft way with scenes, so they start out funny and end up poignant. And I, like so many modern readers, need a reminder that the “Christmas again?” groan can be replaced with a much happier response– and all it takes is a new attitude, and maybe a hunky next-door neighbor in a Santa hat!

Alicia Rasley
Senior Editor

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Sheila December 5, 2010 at 7:02 pm

A Christmas Carol is a tale I read every year. I love it. I’ve also seen many of the movie versions also. Mr. Magoo’s is my favorite. A Christmas Cara sounds great!

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