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Getting to Yes: "One Wish" by Calista Fox

by Red Sage Publishing

I knew I would love One Wish by Calista Fox when I was only half way through the first chapter.
The great characters are what hooked me. Calista Fox always creates such likable characters. Jillian is independent, self-sufficient, strong, and ambitious. She also has a vulnerable spot for a sexy, deliciously handsome photographer named Luke. It was so easy to relate to Jillian, and I liked her from the start.

Calista also has a way of crafting very provocative love scenes. They are extremely sexy, but also romantic. Often it’s difficult to get both of those elements in a story, but Calista has a talent for blending erotic and romantic in such an enticing way.

Of course, having a unique storyline also helps. What girl wouldn’t want a genie trying her hardest to make all your dreams come true? Sometimes we don’t realize our dreams have been standing right in front of us the whole time.

Felecia Mills
Senior Editor

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