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Sharing Our Good Reviews

by Red Sage Publishing

People love our new line of e-books. But you don’t have to take our word for it — take a look at what some respected reviewers have to say about the titles that launched Red Sage Presents.

The Romance Studio gives Master of the Elements by Alice Gaines 4.5 Hearts!

The author’s telling of this tale is both lyrical and descriptive and while her story is filled with erotic scenes, it’s bound together with very real emotion. The characterization was incredible and the story’s pacing and plot flowed so well that time seemed lost in the reading of it. This story engaged me in a way that left me longing for more. Don’t miss this gem of a story that solidly launches the Red Sage line of ebooks and pledges to readers that there are many more wonderful stories to come.

Coffee Time Romance says it’s “a tale of sacrifice and selflessness.”

The characters tell you their story quickly and straight to the point.The book is full of Passion and Romance that keeps the reader entertained throughout. Ms. Gaines has written another great story.

The Romance Readers Connection says One Wish by Calista Fox is “the one to pick up.”

Red Sage publishing and Calista Fox were lucky when they found each other, since they compliment each other so well. I have long enjoyed Ms. Fox’s short stories in the Secrets anthologies…. This is a cute, if VERY short read.For 40ish pages, Ms. Fox packs a lot of plot and character building.

Harriet Klausner from Genre Go Round Reviews calls it “an enjoyable short tale.”

This is an entertaining fantasy romantic short that works because Jillian, as the prime player holding the story line together, is fully developed. Readers will learn her fears, flaws, and desires especially through her interaction with the genie and with Luke.

If you haven’t already read One Wish or Master of the Elements, why not order your copies today?

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