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Story Behind the Story: Midnight Rendezvous by Calista Fox

by Red Sage Publishing

An eccentric friend of mine blew into town unexpectedly and since I was free for dinner that night, I joined him in Scottsdale for pre-dinner drinks at this wonderfully decadent wine bar called Kazimierz. Not only was the wine list extensive, but the place looked more like someone’s very elegant living room than an actual club. I instantly feel in love with the ambience and that’s when inspiration struck! I wanted to write a story about the owner of a sophisticated wine bar, set in Manhattan. Taking the concept a step further, I decided to make my imaginary club, Rendezvous, the home base for an exclusive dating service. How fun would it be to meet other singles at this intimate lounge where everyone could mingle and sip and test the dating waters?
And so a novella was born…

I hadn’t intended to write a trilogy when I first penned Intimate Rendezvous for Secrets: Erotic Nights (Volume 17), but after I’d finished the story, I realized I wasn’t quite done with the wine bar/dating service concept. I liked the setting too much and I loved the secondary characters as much as I loved the main ones. So I sat back down at my computer and gave Cat Hewitt, one of Rendezvous’ singles (who is Dean Hewitt’s sister, my hero from Intimate Rendezvous) a steamy romance of her own in Midnight Rendezvous in Secrets: Dark Whispers (Volume 22).
But Cat isn’t exactly your tried and true, steady-as-she-goes heroine. She’s a bit flighty. A bit quirky. A bit clumsy. Sophisticated, yes. Beautiful, of course. But Cat tends to jump first, and then ask how high. So, naturally, she needed a man who was just as vivacious and adventuresome as she was. Spying David Essex at Rendezvous one night turns Cat’s entire world upside down—and launches her into a whirlwind, or rather worldwide, romance!
Having spent the last several years of my life flying from one side of the country to the other on a Lear Jet, I know how complicated it is to maintain a relationship when you’re never home. So the idea of having Cat meet David in exotic locations while he was there on business seemed terribly romantic. How exciting it would be to meet your lover in Tokyo or Cabo or Paris! And since they both worked, well… Cat and David had to make time to make love during non-business hours.
Say, around midnight?
So, can two very eccentric, amazingly busy people really sustain a hot and heavy romance? Can two people who live on opposite coasts who’ve only ever seen each other outside of the country make a fantasy relationship work in the real world?

Hmm… guess you’ll have to read the story to find out! 😉

All my best,

P.S. – And don’t miss the third story in the Rendezvous trilogy, Secret Rendezvous! It stars Rendezvous dating guru, McCarthy Portman, and sexy bad boy Josh Kensington (from Intimate Rendezvous). Sparks fly when these two finally hook up!! Find it in Secrets Volume 26, on sale in December 2008!

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