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Friday Heroes – The Werewolf!

by Red Sage Publishing

In January we asked you to vote for your favorite romantic hero type, and second place in a very close contest went to the Werewolf, who knows how to make you howl! Aa-ooo, baby!

What’s the appeal of the Werewolf hero? He’s strong. He’s a leader. He protects the weak and destroys his enemies. Whether man or wolf, he’s all alpha, all the time.

Werewolves know their mates instinctively and can’t resist the powerful sexual pull toward their destiny. Just as the moon claims their bodies, their mates claim their souls. Love between werefolk is an irresistible force, an overwhelming passion, a tide that sweeps you away in its powerful current.

Once the leader of the pack claims you, you’re his forever, because everyone knows that wolves mate for life.

Are you woman enough for the Werewolf’s kiss?

CAGED WOLF by Cynthia Eden in Secrets: Primal Heat (Volume 21)

Available in Paperback!

Alerac La Morte has been drugged, kidnapped, and taken to some hole in the wall far from civilization. To make matters worse, Alerac realizes that his captor, Madison Langley, is actually…his destined mate. Madison hates his kind–she blames Weres for the death of her father, and she wants vengeance. But when captor is turned captive, will Alerac be able to convince her that he’s not the monster she thinks, that wolves are true, and when they mate…it’s forever?

LOVE’S PRISONER by Mary Janice Davidson in Secrets Volume 6
Available in Paperback and E-Book!

The infamous elevator story….
Trapped in an elevator, Jeannie Lawrence became Love’s Prisoner when she experienced unwilling rapture at Michael Windham’s Hands. She never expected the devilishly handsome man to show back up in her life- or turn out to be a werewolf! Will she accept her destiny to be his mate?

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