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Cynthia Eden: Why I Write About Werewolf Heroes

by Red Sage Publishing

I love a man who has a bit of the beast inside him. A hero who is strong and smart, but with a definite streak of the wild within his soul—oh, yeah, I love that in a man.

I was absolutely thrilled when Red Sage accepted my three werewolf novellas for publication. My “Wolf’s Call” trilogy was a dream for me—because it allowed me to write the heroes that I so enjoyed.

Werewolf heroes are more than men. Sure, they can live and prosper in a civilized world, but, when necessary, these guys can throw off those civilized trappings with a howl of fury.

These heroes are steadfast–above all, they are dedicated to their mates. They’d fight and die for the women they love. Talk about a warrior…



And able to get downright primal.

What’s not to love about a good werewolf hero? ☺

Cynthia Eden


Editor’s Note: This post kicks off the first in a new series — check back to learn more about why your favorite authors write about their favorite heroes!

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