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Friday Heroes: Vampires!

by Red Sage Publishing

Do you want a love that transcends time?

Do you yearn for a passion so big, it needs centuries to be satisfied?

Do you crave The Forever Kiss?

Then your hero type might be the Vampire!

Vampires might seem like an unlikely figure for a romantic hero, but really, what could be more romantic than a vampire? He’s physically powerful. He’s sexually mesmerizing. He’s emotionally complex.

And his love is permanent. Once a vampire lover claims you for his own, there is no going back. You are his, and you are changed forever.

If you want to read about love, Vampire style, check out these great Red Sage stories by that mistress of the macabre, Angela Knight~~

Candidate for the Kiss in Secrets Volume 6
Blood and Kisses in Secrets Volume 3
Soul Kisses in Secrets Volume 14

Look here for a complete list of all of Angela Knight’s Secrets stories.

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