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Getting to Yes: Quinn’s Curse

by Red Sage Publishing

I’ve always loved ghost stories, especially the spooky, scary kind you read as a child that keep you awake at night. I loved the way they always slowly exacted their revenge on the living.

So it seemed unlikely that a ghost would make a likely romantic hero. So when I received Quinn’s Curse from Natasha Moore, I admit, I was skeptical.

But I was already a fan of Natasha’s. Her Secrets stories, Up to No Good and Bad to the Bone are two of my favorites. I really liked her heroine, Miranda. She’s strong and independent, and leaves the corporate world behind to step out into the world by opening her own business. And it helped that the ghost in this story, Nathaniel Quinn, is a handsome, sexy, pirate. And the fact that he can reach across the realm of the supernatural and make wild, crazy, pirate-love to Miranda was pretty much what changed my mind about romantic ghosts.

When Nathaniel risks his soul in eternal damnation to save Miranda, I was completely won over. I have definitely been reading the wrong kind of ghost stories!

Felecia Mills
Senior Editor

PS. Look for Natasha’s novellas in Secrets anthologies in July and December this year!

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