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Story Behind the Story: Calista Fox "High Voltage"

by Red Sage Publishing

The premise for High Voltage, and the characters, did not come to me in the usual fashion. Typically, I get a little kernel of an idea and it grows as I mull it over in my head and let my subconscious mind play with it while I work on other projects. Not so with High Voltage. This story hit me hard and fast—I could barely keep up with it. As my fingers flew over the keyboard, the characters crystallized in my head and they turned out to be fascinating people that I really, really liked.

While I enjoyed developing the shape-shifter plot and weaving in some suspense and danger, the heart of this story is the characters—Serena and Garrett. She’s a bit on the quirky side. Bizarre things happen to her all the time, so it really is sort of comical (though also a bit frightening) for her to discover a naked man in the back of her truck, where an injured animal had been minutes before. Serena has been waiting a lifetime for the right man, never once settling for mediocrity or Mr. Right Now. She’s known, deep in her soul, that there’s someone out there for her—a man who is a bit of a misfit in society, as she deems herself. And then Garrett Slater appears in the back of her truck. A savior on so many levels, this is one man who loves deeply and fiercely. They’re perfect for each other.

Interestingly, the chemistry between Serena and Garrett was immediate and there was no slowing it down! In fact, I could have dedicated an entire novel to their scorching-hot affair, but I did have a plot to build. LOL

The reviews for High Voltage have been great, and I think it’s because this is a story about two wonderful, deserving people, who’ve waited a lifetime to find each other. That’s enough to melt my heart… how about yours?

Calista Fox


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