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What Makes a Man Sexy? Catherine Berlin Knows!

by Red Sage Publishing

For me, what makes a man sexy is his confidence in himself. Confidence that results from intelligence and self-assurance.

My personal Prince Charming is the first guy I was ever comfortable around, and the only guy I’ve never felt embarrassed to be with. He seems to know how to handle any situation that comes up, and when the odd emergency happens that I have more experience with- like, say… a fish cooking in the oven that suddenly catches on fire, he’s not so macho that his ego would be bruised if I solved the problem first. I never once had to pretend to be stupid so I wouldn’t hurt his ego- because my guy is smart. And smart is sexy.

I also like feeling safe. I like feeling that if he is with me, he’ll never let anyone or anything harm me. Whether that means holding my hand on a dark, too quiet street, or taking the odd spider off the ceiling and setting it free outside, that secure feeling he gives me- that makes him sexy.

Well, that and watching him when he plays the drums… ooo, those arms… that expression… sigh…

Catherine Berlin


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