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What Makes a Man Sexy? Kate St. James Knows!

by Red Sage Publishing

What makes a man sexy? You mean, aside from a great butt, gorgeous eyes, and a killer smile? Because those, of course, are mandatory. Yet they only represent a small part of the total package. While I love a well put together guy, for me it’s all about what’s going on in his brain. Gorgeous I can gaze upon, but will he keep my mind enthralled after I’ve finished looking (and, um, touching)? Can he keep up with my banter, challenge me on an intellectual level, will he make me laugh?

Intelligence alone isn’t enough. He has to possess a witty and clever sort of intelligence. I’m not interested in a dry recitation of facts. Nope, I get off on the give-and-take. Verbal sparring. For that I need a quick thinker. A guy who’s able to take some ribbing (ever notice how some men can dish it out, but can’t take it?). I love to have fun with words, with life. Yet a man with a serious side capable of deep, philosophical discussions also turns my crank. There’s nothing sexier than a man who can touch me on an intellectual, emotional and physical level. One element without the other two might suffice for a little while, but when it comes to the long-term, give me a smart, funny, sexy guy…who’s willing to admit when he’s wrong. (Because, baby, you know he is). (Sometimes). (Yeah, I admit I can be wrong sometimes, too).Not too tall an order, huh?

Kate St. James
Good Vibrations in Secrets Vol. 21 PRIMAL HEAT, Dec 07
Exes & Ahhhs in Secrets Vol. 26 BOUND BY PASSION, Dec 08
Kiss Me at Midnight, Secrets Vol. 28, July 09

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