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What Makes a Man Sexy? Nathalie Gray Knows!

by Red Sage Publishing

What Makes a Man Sexy?

Dust and sweat and blood on his knuckles, baby! That’s what makes my inner Chihuahua chase her tail with savage glee. Yes, savage. Glee. Who wants a perfect little prince with manicured hands, coiffed hair and an impeccably waxed chest? They’re nice to look at in pictures, sure, but to me, the epitome of The OMG Rawr Sexy Dude involves some kaboom and some bam with a side of pow! Long hair (that’s what 12 years in the army will do to a gal, crave long hair), maybe a five o’clock shadow, good strong shoulders and legs. He doesn’t have to be Mister Muscle, just be built solid. Because we like them able to withstand long rides—wink-wink, nudge-nudge—don’t we, ladies (and gents so inclined)? Plus, solid men give the best hugs. And sometimes, that’s the best foreplay.

I guess I find a man who’s lived sexier than a man who’s been. I want to see signs he’s done things, gone places, made mistakes and hopefully learned from them. Scars, tattoos, laugh lines, lots of laugh lines. A face without lines is a canvas without paint: boring.

What’s your idea of The Sexy Man?

Nathalie Gray
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Natasha Moore March 13, 2008 at 3:28 pm

A face without lines is a canvas without paint: boring.

Nat, I so agree! And who wants a guy who's smoother and prettier than me? Aack! Not me!

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