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Writing Contest: Answers and Other Tips

by Red Sage Publishing

Hi everyone,

We’ve received a number of questions about our writing contest and submissions guidelines, which I will try to answer here.

How can one be sure our story was entered in the contest when submitted?
Our submissions editor manages the inbox. I’ll ask her about sending confirmations. She may already be doing this.

How long do we wait to hear about a winner?
This depends in part on the number of entries received. We’re also planning a live event to announce the winners, probably in May, but that is subject to change. More information will be available after the contest deadline passes.

Can we enter things in the contest that are different from the submissions guidelines?
Well, you can, but it’s unlikely you would win. We want to publish the winners, and our guidelines are meant to explain what we publish.

Does any particular story type stand a better chance at winning?
Probably not. We publish a variety of subgenres, and we love them all. But something really new, something we’ve never seen before, might capture our attention and give that entry an edge. That’s not necessarily a matter of subgenre, though — a comic contemporary or a Regency historical can be very fresh if the plot twists are unexpected.

Why are you having a contest? You’ve never had one before.
The truth is probably less noble than I should admit, but ….

I thought it would be fun to have a contest. This idea was all mine, and I pushed it through because, well, I’m sort of self-indulgent when it comes to amusing myself at work. I love reading and working on our stories, and interacting with authors, and getting sneak peeks at covers, and all the other fun stuff that goes along with my job. But I’m also greedy for more fun! And I’ve enjoyed some of the volunteer contest judging I’ve done — which has led to some interaction with some wonderfully talented authors.

So there you have it. I’m a glutton for amusement, and don’t mind inflicting my notion of a good time on our entire staff.

Thanks! Keep writing those entries!
Theresa Stevens
Managing Editor

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