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Love Those Readers!

by Red Sage Publishing

Wow, I’m just bowled over right now by the Red Sage fans! I have always contended that they are the best—complimentary, dedicated, and so very nice. Since my first novella (In the Heat of the Night) appeared in Secrets Vol. 13, I’ve received some wonderful feedback and have met many readers. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to not only meet more Red Sage fans, but also convert a few readers who tentatively said, “I’m not so sure I’d enjoy an erotic romance story.”

“Oh, but you haven’t read a Secrets story!” I replied.

On Saturday, April 5, I was signing books at the Desert Dreams Conference in Chandler, Arizona. The two hours I was there flew by like never before! All because of the amazing women who stopped by my table.

What drew them to me? I’d like to say it was my sunny disposition, but really, it was the Secrets covers! I had the books prominently displayed and they caught a lot of eyes! I’m used to getting compliments on the covers—they’re elegant and sophisticated. Downright beautiful. They’re one of the reasons I chose to submit to RS in the first place. But hearing fans and potential readers gush over the beauty of the covers always makes me feel so proud that I write for Red Sage.

I sold a number of books and what I really enjoyed the most was that, after chatting with the readers and getting to know them and their preferences, they asked me which volume I would recommend they read. It was so much fun picking out a story just for them! I loved it! But what’s even more exciting is that several of those women have blazed through the stories and emailed me to tell me how much they loved the novellas and that were now lifelong fans of both me and Red Sage!

So… I would like to thank everyone associated with Red Sage for making it such a wonderful, well-respected company, and I’d especially like to thank all of the fantastic readers who gobble up our stories like they can’t get enough of them! And for those of you who drop a line to the authors you love, thank you, thank you, thank you! Your kind words are very touching, and always appreciated!

Happy Spring!

Calista Fox


Liane Gentry Skye April 16, 2008 at 4:27 pm

Calista, what a beautiful post! Congrats on such a great signing. You earned it. 🙂

I'm just beginning to realize as a writer just how Red Sage earned such a stellar reputation. The covers aren't all that's done with class and elegance! 😀

Calista Fox, Author April 27, 2008 at 5:54 pm


You will be amazed at the wonderful reception from the readers and those who pass your table at a booksigning. Even if they don't buy at that time, they will pick up the book and admire the beauty of it. Gotta love that!


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