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Story Behind the Story: Forbidden Fruit by Anne Rainey

by Red Sage Publishing

Tomboys are girls too!

I never knew calling someone a tomboy was an insult until my youngest daughter pointed it out to me one day. Kids are so much smarter than adults, aren’t they? I hadn’t given it much thought really. It’s how we describe a girl who doesn’t go for the skirts and heels. She plays sports and hates makeup. But, when my daughter asked me, “Mom, why do people say I’m a tomboy? I’m not a boy, I’m a girl.” It stopped me as nothing else could. I’d used that word to describe her so many times in the past, but the look on her face crushed me. I’d insulted her without realizing it. I’d inadvertently threatened her femininity. Even at a young age, girls want to feel feminine. I never knew she felt less feminine than her very girly sister until she talked to me that day.

I stopped calling her tomboy and made every attempt to express to her how beautiful I think she is. That was a few years ago. Lately she’s started to wear a little makeup and begun to use a straightening iron every morning before school. She’s still not a girly girl, but her confidence has improved and it shows.

My latest release with eRed Sage Publishing, Forbidden Fruit, sprung to life because of this conversation with my daughter. I wanted to show the world that even the girls who play sports and hates wearing skirts want to feel pretty too!

My heroine Ava Sweet has a feisty nature and an inner vulnerability that drew me. Her outer strength and need to prove herself is so like my daughter. As I wrote this spicy, emotional tale I badly wanted to see Ava’s transformation. At the same time I wanted to see her get the guy of her dreams whether she wore a skirt or not! And when the hero Luke McGiffin gets a load of Ava all dolled up, he’s ready to fight his way through the pack of men vying for her attention to get to her. When he catches her, it’s nothing short of explosive! But which Ava Sweet is he attracted to? The skirt and heels Ava or the jeans and t-shirt Ava?

You’ll have to read the story to find out. Ornery, aren’t I?

Now for a question. I love asking readers questions! LOL! Have you ever felt less feminine because of a label—no matter how innocent the label—placed on you? What would you say to people who think beauty is described in terms of heels, a skirt and measured at 36/26/36?

Hugs and Happy Reading!


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Calista Fox, Author April 27, 2008 at 5:49 pm


This is a fabulous premise for a story and reading what provoked it makes it even more compelling. And the cover is H-O-T-hot!!


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