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The Truth About Writers

by Red Sage Publishing

True or False: The Best Writing Environment is Pink and Fluffy

Are you kidding me?

I have no problem with pink and fluffy. Trust me. But to write while surrounded in pink fluffiness? Not for me.

A major newspaper recently contacted a writers’ group to which I belong, and asked for pictures of romance writers’ bedrooms for a Valentine’s Day article they wanted to publish. I suspect there wasn’t a lot of pink fluffiness there either, because they canceled the article.

My writing space is cluttered and is probably a fire hazard, given all the paper stacked and pinned and stuffed everywhere. My “office” is shared with my kids. We each have desks, each have computers, and each have headphones (which I highly recommend).

I don’t think I could actually use my desk to write or do “office work”, and the keyboard tray that slides out is a lifesaver.

Right now I can see four open research books with torn bits of paper marking pages. A notebook stuffed with clippings of faces, costumes, and weapons from catalogs and magazines, a can of air, two Grumpies and a purple plastic horse facing away from me (susperstition?), half a bottle of clear nail polish, two giraffes, a brass bat, and stacks and stacks of papers, notebooks, backup CDs, and scraps of paper with ideas jotted on them.

That’s just in front of me on my desk. The walls, which need a coat of paint, are also covered in random pictures and objects tacked into the surface.

The only pink thing in here is two Race for the Cure medallions hanging on my race bib and ribbon part of the wall.

What would I like my writing space to look like? I’d love some dark paint, maybe burgundy, a dark wood desk instead of my assemble-it-yourself cheapo desk, and lots of shelves full of books and files. Organized. By someone else.
And maybe a revolving picture frame with some eye candy for inspiration. A little Viggo, a little Billy Zane, a handsome hubby…

Nah, better not. I might stare at the eye candy when I should be writing!

Back to work…

Catherine Berlin


Natasha Moore April 28, 2008 at 2:48 pm

I'm glad I'm not the only one whose office could be rated a fire hazzard. 🙂 I have the piles of papers too, with a few books in the mix too.

NathalieGray April 29, 2008 at 12:04 am

Yeah, I was going for the whole Feng Shui look and instead ended up with Chow Mein all over.

I also need an organized office. By someone else.

Thanks Catherine. You made me laugh!

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