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Why I Write About …

by Red Sage Publishing

This global topic is supposed to be about why my stories feature a particular type of hero, be it a werewolf, a vampire, a bad boy, a businessman, an average Joe, etc. But one of the best things about being a Red Sage author is that our publisher and our editors, though they may have favorite heroes they like to read about, love all heroes that are sexy, protective and masculine.

Like many other Red Sage authors, I dabble in several subgenres—because just like our editors and publisher, we love all heroes and story types. Thus, I don’t always write the same kind of hero from story to story. Nor do I write the same subgenre of romance from story to story. And I love that Red Sage allows this sort of writing diversity.

I once asked our publisher if she thought I should focus on one particular romance subgenre. Her answer was that I should write what I love to write. And you know what? She was right. Because writing the stories I love—even though from month to month they change from contemporary to suspense to paranormal—means I’m writing stories I’m excited about, starring characters I adore.

Case in point, the heroes in my Red Sage stories include a Secret Serviceman-turned-private-bodyguard (In the Heat of the Night, Secrets Vol. 13); a private investigator (Intimate Rendezvous, Secrets, Vol. 17); a jet-setting businessman (Midnight Rendezvous, Secrets Vol. 22); a five-hundred-year-old vampire (Forever My Love, Secrets Vol. 23, July 2008); a too-the-core-bad boy (Secret Rendezvous, Secrets Vol. 26, December 2008); a territorial werewolf (High Voltage—ebook); a free-spirited photographer (One Wish—ebook); and a treasure hunter and all-around scoundrel (Object of Desire—single title).

It’s safe to say that I love all men who are bold and daring and courageous. Men who will go to the ends of the earth for the woman they love, who will defend their convictions with tenacity and verve. I write heroes that, in my mind, can stand the test of time and can overcome any difficult circumstance or life-threatening challenge.

They rise above, go beyond and love forever.

That’s my kind of hero.

I hope you’ve found yours.

All my best,


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