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Calista Fox Dishes Up Bad Boys!

by Red Sage Publishing

Oh, Those Bad Boys!

What I find sexy in a man varies from day to day. I’ll admit it, I’m impulsive and indecisive about what I find attractive from one day to the next. For example, when I’m at the office, I find that a man who can deliver a powerful PowerPoint presentation with confidence turns me on (especially if he can refrain from boring me to death with budget statistics). When I’m stuck on an airplane for hours and my rowmate is chatting it up with me, I inevitably compare iPod music lists to see if we’re compatible (if he’s got Nickelback or Van Halen playing, he gets bonus points!). When I’m vacationing at the beach, I always look around for the guy who’s engrossed in a bestselling novel—and ask him why he chose that particular book and what he finds most interesting about it. And when I was in Scotland… well let’s just say that the bagpiper for the wedding I was in at Edinburgh Castle was the natural choice for what I found “sexy” that day! (Note, I wasn’t the bride in this wedding. Just wanted to make that clear!)

Realistically speaking, I find stability sexy—financial, emotional, physical, etc. stability. I like men who are on top of their game and who know what it is they want in life. Not just today, but tomorrow, five years down the road, maybe even twenty…. But a man doesn’t have to be a goody-two-shoes to have all of this going for him. And being steadfast doesn’t mean one has to be… boring.


Lucky for me, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with “bad boys” who also have their, uh, stuff together. And it’s these experiences (and men) that I drew upon when I created one of my absolute favorite bad boys, Josh Kensington. The owner of The Rage, a Manhattan hotspot; the cousin of the owner of Rendezvous, an exclusive dating service housed in an elegant wine bar; and the vigilant companion of Rendezvous’ matchmaking maven, McCarthy Portman, Josh embodies every bad-boy-with-a-big-heart quality that women such as myself love. He’s strong. He’s cocky. He’s bold. He’s successful. He’s also in love. And when it comes to McCarthy, there isn’t anything Josh won’t do for her. Hell, there isn’t anything he won’t do to have her!

When I started writing the third story in the Rendezvous trilogy (preceded by Intimate Rendezvous in Secrets Volume 17 and Midnight Rendezvous in Secrets Volume 22), I had no idea who the hero was going to be. I only knew that I wanted McCarthy—so diligent in ensuring the singles of Rendezvous find love—deserved her own hot hook-up… and everlasting love.

But then again, in the back of my head, I couldn’t quite “get over” Josh. I first introduced him in Intimate Rendezvous—as the bad-boy owner of The Rage, but also as the stalwart, ever-present cousin of Cass (Intimate Rendezvous’ heroine). He was sexy, no doubt about it. Tall and gorgeous, with blonde hair and ice-blue eyes. But he was also… endearing. There was just something about him that I felt needed to be explored further. And that’s when it occurred to me. Like McCarthy, Josh needed his own story. He needed a strong, successful woman who would challenge him at every turn, and never, ever, let him get away with being anything less than honest and honorable. He also needed a woman willing to take a walk on the wild side with him. 😉

Together, Josh and McCarthy make one sizzling-hot couple. I adore these two, and I hope you will as well! Secrets Volume 26 features their story, Secret Rendezvous. If you’re a lover of bad boys with big hearts, speak up! They deserve a round of applause for keeping us, um, turned on! 😉 And to celebrate them, I have a contest on my website that runs through February 15! Stop by and enter to win FREE books!



Secret Rendezvous by Calista Fox (Featured in Secrets Volume 26)

McCarthy Portman is the matchmaking maven behind the Manhattan dating service, Rendezvous. When her software pairs her with wild and wicked Josh Kensington,
McCarthy’s beliefs about love are turned upside down. Josh breaks every barrier protecting her heart, but can he win her love for keeps?

Cocktail Reviews Says:
“This is, as McCarthy thinks at one point, ‘shameless, naughty fun’. The good-girl-ensnares-bad-boy plot is always a winning combination for me, and Ms. Fox manages this seamlessly and stylishly. I liked both Josh and McCarthy: Josh is super-sexy and honest with his emotions in every way, and McCarthy is sweet and confident, surprising herself when it comes to flirting and seduction. I loved the sense of humour behind this novella – several moments made me giggle.

Also, this one had such a great line: The last vestiges of prudence lay scattered at her feet, sexual road kill. Loved it!”
4 and a half flutes.

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