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Blog Round-Up

by Red Sage Publishing

Take a look at what the Red Sage authors are doing around the blogosphere!

Do you think Ridge is a weird name for a hero? What other hero names do you think are too strange or too common? Let Mia Varano at Fierce Romance know!

Cynthia Eden is talking about Southern stereotypes. Are there stereotypes in fiction that drive you crazy?

There are giveaways galore on Ellie Marvel’s Writer & Cat blog this week! You could win an e-book to celebrate “Read an e-Book Week.”

Juliet Burns shares her personal tale about how the recession has been a wake-up call for her and for her family. Join her in a bit of nostalgia for simpler days over on Sizzling Pens!

Larissa Ione has a lot to celebrate these days. Another Red Sage author goes on to fame and fortune! Pop over to her Soapbox to find out more!

Fan favorite Saskia Walker has been doing a bit of reading these days. Check out her blog to see her sizzling recommendations!

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