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New Release! "Sahara Heat" by Brenda Williamson

by Red on March 16, 2010

Sold to the Sultan as a concubine, Sabra dreams of love. Yet, the passionate and forbidden embraces she shares with the Sultan’s son, Xavier can only bring her heartache. After her first meeting with the Sultan, she knows she can never be happy as a slave to his needs, and she voices her objection. However, when the insulted and displeased Sultan orders a painful punishment, Trey, the eunuch assigned to attend her comes forward and convinces the Sultan that it may be more beneficial for Sabra to endure training to learn her place.

Xavier can’t resist the beautiful and beguiling Sabra. From behind lattice stone walls he watches as Trey teaches the delicate desert flower to dance and move to please the Sultan, and he soon finds himself so enchanted with the slave that he becomes careless enough that Trey catches him watching. When Trey suggests he help train Sabra, Xavier can’t refuse. However, after his power-seeking brother catches them in an intimate setting, Xavier fears his obsession with Sabra will be the death of them all.

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Estella March 16, 2010 at 6:38 pm

This sounds like an excellent read!


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