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4 Stars for Maree Anderson!

by Red Sage Publishing

JERR Reviewer loves Let Sleeping Demons Lie, the sequel to Maree Anderson’s award-winning debut, Even Demons Get the Blues!

4 Stars!


Brennan, a Lyon Prime, discovers a naked amnesiac female Lyoness in heat in the jungle. Unable to resist her attraction, he realizes that he needs to quickly remove her from the other predators stalking her scent. Upon closer smell, Brennan comes to understand that the woman he calls Kitten is not a Lyoness at all. She looks human, smells Lycan, but is she an angel, demon, or sentinel? It doesn’t matter what she is, her scent and allure are irresistible and after they indulge their mutual attraction, Brennan is unwilling to let Kitten go.

Chapter one began a story that was easy to follow with characters that evinced a strong attraction and sexual tension. Kitten didn’t really seem too concerned that she had no memory, and possibly could have had a husband or a family somewhere. She also began to trust Brennan way too quickly. However, the descriptions of Brennan’s sexual desires were very good as were the sex scenes themselves. The book was worth it for the enjoyable sex scenes alone. Eventually the character development really improved and the characters started to show a lot of personality. Also, the storyline and the action became very interesting. All in all, the book ended up being much better than the opening prologue suggested. Stick with it and you will get an enjoyable story.

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