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by Red on May 24, 2010

Michele from The Romance Studio gave the latest Secrets anthology four hearts! Congratulation to the Secrets authors, and thank you, Michele and TRS!


Secrets Sensual Cravings volume 28 is full of erotic and romantic stories. There are four stories included.

“The Pirate’s Possession” by Juliet Burns is a sexy pirate fantasy come true for Lady Gertrude who secretly wants to be ravished by Captain MacGowan. This is a sizzling adventure of Lady Gertrude’s attempt to escape her cousin’s cruel intentions while haphazardly falling into the arms of a gorgeous yet wanted pirate. Their race across oceans includes steamy sex, sword fighting and a treasure hunt for love and gold.

“Seducing Serena” by Jennifer Lynne is an absolute love story that will capture your interest. Serena is seeking a new boyfriend by placing a personal ad. Nick responds to the ad as part of his research. The highs and lows of a new romance for people with baggage explodes in this wonderfully sexy and melt your heart story. Many twists and turns keep you wondering if this couple can get it right.

“Mind Games” by Kathleen Scott is a futuristic Romeo and Juliet meets Bonnie and Cline story. Damien finally locates his soul mate Jade and helps her escape her father’s prison like home. Once on the run no one is safe from Jade’s father’s fury. Damien and Jade find love and compassion as they cement their physical attraction while watching their back. This is a fast pace action and sexy romance.

“Kiss Me at Midnight” by Kate St. James is a contemporary reality story of a romance between TV co hosts. Marc and Callie agree to fake a romance for sweeps but they never expect for the walls around their hearts to come tumbling down. This is a sexy romance with comedy and spicy sex scenes which will have you cheering with the TV audience for this couple to survive when the cameras are turned off.

Anthologies are great books to include in every library. The short stories are a wonderful time saver to indulge in desire, a great way to discovery a new author or a new genre. The Secrets Sensual Cravings anthologies include wonderful stories of steamy romance and adventure.

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