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An Autumn Treat – Celebrating Building Magic

by Lilly Cain

Building Magic CoverAh October. I’m welcoming the crisp evening air, the beautiful twilight nights. October is my favorite month. I suspect it has something to do with the hint of the supernatural that the season brings as well – with Halloween crowning the month in an evening celebrating all things spooky.

So having a new story release in my favorite month is an extra special ‘treat’ for me. Almost chocolate coated. And although BUILDING MAGIC isn’t a scary story, it is a fantasy. A stretch of imagination centered around magic and shape shifting dragons. Lots of heat in it as well, in case you’re sad the summer is gone. Hot desert sands and even hotter sex. My hero sure likes it hot. Here’s his first taste of Tina:

She smelled of crushed mangos. No, he thought. That’s just her shampoo. She smells like hot butter, like sex amidst silken pillows and hot sand. He clutched her closer, drew her to him. She smelled delicious. His long tongue snaked out past his wicked teeth to taste the air around her. With a dainty flick he laved the soft skin at her throat. She moaned as he sniffed her hair, his hot breath feathering the few long red curls that had escaped her ponytail now that her hardhat was gone.

And Tina’s vision of the new world she finds herself in:

Slowly, her shudders passed as she watched the land. Waves of desert sand rolled along like a copper ocean, unbroken by road or vegetation. Surely only the ruined city on its bed of stone could possibly stand against the sand tides. It appeared nothing lived here but tiny insects and the lizards that fed on them.

And together, they are so hot they are both on fire and immersed in magic:

Tina couldn‘t drag her gaze from his. His eyes looked deep into her soul, as deeply as she had stared into the magic gem she now wore. What does he see? She wondered, but lost the thought as he slid his hands from her hair to her shoulders, then down her back, pulling her toward him until the curves of her breasts pressed against his chest. Her lips parted as he lowered his mouth to hers.
Immediately, he deepened his kiss, took her parted lips as an invitation to delve into her mouth and taste her. Their tongues explored, mated, as she tasted him as well, delighting in the faint tang of foreign herbs that clung to him. He took a step backward and she followed, unwilling to end the kiss. A second step led to a third and forth and she realized he was leading her to the bath. Instantly a line of sensation raced down her spine to centre on her pussy.
He left her mouth and she moaned at the loss. He growled and nipped at her neck until she raised her chin, exposing the length of her throat to his wandering lips. Slowly, he slid his hands beneath her undershirt, lifting it up and off her body. She moved with him, melting like butter in his hands. He leaned in to kiss the hollow between her breasts. She arched her back, giving him room to reach her. He held her waist tight to his.
I want you. He sent a tumble of images to her and she gasped as she caught sight of her body from his perspective. Her clit twitched, throbbed, as she saw what he saw, her flushed skin, her parted lips, her eyes sparkling with desire.

So, to celebrate the magic of the season, and my new story, I have a contest running at Fresh Fiction for the month of October. Pop on over to and enter and you could win a copy of BUILDING MAGIC.
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Anne MacFarlane October 1, 2010 at 2:31 pm

Lilly, your story sounds like a great way to heat up those cool October evenings!

Bev Pettersen October 1, 2010 at 4:04 pm

Enjoyed the excerpts, Lilly. I like October too, especially those tiny little Halloween chocolate bars. Congratulations on Building Magic!

Julia Smith October 2, 2010 at 12:51 am

I like the way your dragon lover does dragon-y things with his tongue…

Lilly Cain October 2, 2010 at 10:49 pm

Thanks Anne! I think it’s a great hot little read, and I guearantee it will be better than a hot chocolate.

Hi Bev – those little treats are my downfall too, pick up a book instead! LOL

Hi Julia, thanks, I wanted him to be truely dragonish. 🙂

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