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How many sexy sailors is too many?

by Rue Allyn

I started with one (if you don’t count my husband), Senior Chief Hank ‘The Wall’ O’Mara. With a stubborn streak wider than his impressive shoulders, Hank is a sailor’s sailor. His love for the sea is unmatched and unrivaled. Neither he nor I believed at the beginning of his story that he’d give up everything for petite (legally forbidden) and equally stubborn Lt. Bethany Morton. On April 1, 2012, when Off Limits is released, you’ll get to find out whether Hank and I were right (although Off Limits is a romance, so I suspect you already know how it ends). But along the way to that ending you’ll not only experience the ups and downs of Hank and Beth’s relationship, you’ll also meet Chief Joe Hazard (Hank’s best friend since High School), Chaplain Mike Dempsey ( the Navy Chaplain who serves Hank’s current duty station), and Jason Campbell (the troubled teen, who Hank mentors). As I completed Off Limits each of these characters began to demand my attention, so I toyed with some ideas. Joe Hazard wasn’t too much of a challenge, but finding the right match for this sea-going playboy was a lot of fun. Jason needs to mature a bit before I can tell his story. He’s a long way from being ready to fall in love. The greatest challenge among these three is Chaplain Mike. Seriously, I write erotic romance, and Mike is a Chaplain. I almost refused to try telling his story, but he insisted that being a man of the spirit doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy the physical side of his humanity. So I said I’d try. I’m interviewing Mike and following him around, poking my nose into his psyche and his personal business, getting all the material I need for his story. Meanwhile I’m writing Joe’s encounter with a ruler-straight principal. Which brings me back to Hank, here’s blurb (below) and a link to an excerpt of Off Limits. Hank’s one sexy sailor, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll need more. Leave me a comment, and who knows one of my sexy sailors just might surprise you personally.

Off Limits Summary: For Senior Chief Hank O’Mara no woman could compare with the sea until he met Lieutenant Bethany Morton.  Only the sea could draw two passionate people of such opposite backgrounds together, and only US Navy regulations could keep them apart.  Because fraternization between Officer and enlisted is forbidden, both Beth and Hank do their utmost to resist the passion and love growing between them.  However, love proves stronger than either the sea or the USN. If they are to be together, Hank must sacrifice his career and Beth will risk the destruction of her professional dreams.

A Bit about Rue Allyn: I wrote my first story around the age of five and read my first romance at the age of eight. I’ve been in love with being in love ever since. I’m happily married to my sweetheart of many, many years. We share the home of two cats, who condescend to allow me to feed them and clean their litter box. They occasionally permit me to pet them but demand my love and attention as their right. I am in awe of their feline ability to dominate with half a glance or a mere twitch of tail. I am insatiably curious, an avid reader and traveler. I love to hear from readers about your favorite books and real life adventures. I also love my work. Seriously, what could be more fun than sharing love and adventure with all your friends?


Leigh Willis March 31, 2012 at 4:50 pm

Theres no such thing as too many sexy sailors!!

I’m already hooked on Off Limits. Seriously. I can’t wait to read it… But a Chaplain?? There’s one I haven’t read before. Or even thought about before. But what an interesting idea!

Rue Allyn April 5, 2012 at 9:17 pm

I doubt anyone’s tried to work in a Chaplain as the hero in an erotic romance. I’m going to try. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll have to give my hero a slightly different background.

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