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Sacred, Scared with Abby Wood

by Em Petrova

Have you ever read a book that stays with you long after you’ve finished reading?


Maybe you sighed over a breathtaking love story or cried as your heart broke. You might even have put the book on the shelf only to read it a year later and still, those same feelings come back that you had when you first read the book.

As an author, I experienced the same thing while writing Sacred, Scared.

I had dreams while I was sleeping of failing my hero. His past so painful, I feared he’d never recover and I wouldn’t do him justice with written words. Then I’d wake up, give him some redeeming qualities only to delete massive amount of words the next day. Because my hero wanted his story told.

Derek Montgomery is the ultimate badboy, and demanded I tell you his story without softening the truth. So, while you might believe he’s a little over the top, a little too dominating, and even go so far as to think he doesn’t deserve Katina in his life. You’ll have to trust me. He deserves it all…and more.

His story is not simple, and it’s raw and painful, but if anyone deserves to find love, it’s my characters in Sacred, Scared.


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