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New Release–Ella Ever After

by Em Petrova

My favorite thing about this story is Ella’s growth. She had to learn to be strong and independent. She wasn’t really sure who she was because she spent her whole life trying to be what people thought she should be.

Blake had spent is immortality trying to stay out of other people’s personal drama. But something just wouldn’t let him turn his back on Ella’s past.

Blake and Ella are complete opposites. Ella is careful about what she says, Blake has no filter whatsoever. Ella can be a little uptight, Blake’s motto: If it feels good and doesn’t hurt anyone, do it. Who would’ve thought the two of them would be perfect for each other? Just goes to show, opposites really do attract.

I had so much fun writing their story. They exasperated each other, but in the end, they got what they needed.

People find it a little strange that I wrote a story in which the main characters are dead. I notice that in most ghost stories, the ghosts don’t get a happy ending. The ghosts in Ella Ever After can interact with each other, feel, touch. They have a life. Unfortunately, it’s not carefree. More often times than not, their previous lives get in the way.




Ella Burkette decided the only escape from an abusive marriage and the pain of losing her child is to take her own life. But fate had other plans for her. Because of a rare gene, she arrives at Haven, a world of immortals. But one man catches her eye and her heart. Blake. In Blake’s arms she learns that love shouldn’t hurt and her body’s desires should never be denied. Ella’s and Blake’s world and carefree existence are shattered when Ella finds out her daughter is alive and her husband, Yorke, gave her to a lawyer who specializes in illegal adoptions.

Now Yorke needs their baby back to live, and Ella wants to make damn sure he doesn’t get her. But Haven has a sacred rule—hurt no human. Even if it is her monster of an ex-husband. In all his years at Haven, Blake has never met anyone quite like Ella Burkette. She’s beautiful, spunky, and haunted. When he finally manages to break through her wall and samples all the she has to offer, he knows he would go to the ends of the Earth to be with her. But helping her could cost him everything. Including his immortality.



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