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Just Released: Sphinx Awakened by Christine Murphy

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Come be enthralled one again in the domain of the Sphinx Warriors, protectors of the Earth, and the women who bring out their need, passion, and love giving them purpose beyond their destined role as Warrior.  The next fiery and passionate fifth book in the Sphinx Warrior Series returns to the fate of Lily, twin to Skye, who was rescued from The Foundry and with the help of the Warriors and their family must rise from her coma to become the Powerful Sphinx which is hidden within her.  In a desperate plea for help, she connects with the incredible mind of Hunter who will guide her back from the brink of death touching her in both mind and body.  Hunter himself has survived huge losses in his life but will find in Lily a kindred soul who will survive and become stronger under his guidance and care.  Using everything within his Powers, Hunter will do anything to make sure that Lily reaches the true potential of her abilities and to convince her they were meant to be together.   Joined as Power Mates and with new and unstoppable skills between them, they will fight against the evil invaders that are still attempting to enter and destroy their world.


In one dark bloody evening of violence, Lily’s world is destroyed as her parents are horribly murdered at the hands of an evil madman and she is torn from her twin who barely escapes. Taken to the dark mental facility known as the Foundary, she fights back refusing to give in to the leaders brutal demands and holds on to the hope one day her hero will come and rescue her. When rescue does come, it is in the form of the Sphinx Warriors and her twin sister. Rescued but trapped in a coma, the only thing Lily can do is reach out with her unique skills for help and finds the unexpected presence of a mind that is both powerful and intriguing. Once he touches Lily, both mind and body, Hunter and his inner Sphinx are lost to the influence of her grace and beauty. He refuses to leave her side and when the Sphinx Healer must Transform Lily in order to save her, he will use everything within his Powers and risk his own life to Join with her in the oldest of ceremonies to make sure the woman he can’t let go survives. Hunter will do anything to keep Lily safe no matter even if she wants to be strong and self-sufficient. He has lost too much in his life including friends and family and the thought of losing Lily sends him into a mental chaos he can barely handle. Fighting through his own weakness, he stands by her side as she supports her twin in discovering where the Sixth Page of Seven is located and fights to keep her when the Foundary finds her and tries to take her back. With the knowledge of the location of the Sixth Page of Seven, Hunter and Lily will go to the Fourth Pyramid in Egypt to retrieve it to acquire the knowledge to destroy the Gate. Lily’s incredible Powers will save Hunter and the Sphinx from catastrophe. Hunter’s intense dedication and love will save Lily from certain death. Together they will successfully retrieve the Sixth Page hidden for centuries to further the battle against the dark Wraith enemy.


Read more about Sphinx Awakened here.

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