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While You Were Away – D.J. Davis

by admin

Hello and thank you for clicking and reading.  I am D.J. Davis, and I’d love to tell you about my first work for Red Sage, an action-packed tale called While You Were Away.  Kev Thorsin has returned from a twenty-year war campaign across the stars to find that his own world has been overthrown by a corrupt regime ruling with an iron fist.  His fiancé, Rianna Elain, is in the thick of it with a group of freedom fighters known as Libertas headed by the charismatic Terrill Briggs.  They are on the run from a noose that closes tighter each day and may soon find themselves behind bars, or worse.  Yet Kev knows of a place where they can live in safety, if they can just evade Tetraparagon forces and get off the rock—a task easier said than done.

The story hits the ground running, grabs you by the hand and doesn’t let go, on a ride that takes you to the dark setting of an oppressed Earth and continues out into the stars, concluding with the happy ending of a love conquers all style romance.  I hope you enjoy this rousing tale and hope to see you back for many more.

The story jumps into the thick of things immediately and doesn’t let up until the satisfying climax.  It blends the darkness of a dystopian setting with a touch of the epic scope of sci-fi space opera and wraps it all up in the steamy scenes and happy ending of romance.  A nicely blended cocktail of love amidst a futuristic action-packed adventure.  I strive to write strong, believable characters that are well done and relatable, coupled with a solid setting, good worldbuilding, and plenty of action.


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