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Just Released: Sphinx Revealed by Christine Murphy – The conclusion to the Sphinx Warrior series

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Allow your imagination and passion for romance to be captured by the Sphinx Warriors, protectors of the Earth, and the women who bring out their need, desire, and love giving them purpose beyond their destined role as Warrior.  In the final explosive book of the Sphinx Warrior Series, Elder Chloe’s true identity is revealed during her fight to save the Sphinx Warriors.  Although she is a direct descendant of the true Ancients, Kara is still new to her abilities and unable to tap into the knowledge which could save the Warriors and the Earth.  In an attempt to access the truths within her mind she must turn to the one Warrior who has captured her attention from the beginning but who trusts no one and may never be accessible to her on an emotional level.  Still, there is no choice but for Kara and Raven to work together to discover the secrets in Kara’s mind and the information hidden within the Pages of Seven on how to destroy the Gate.  Raven has no intention of trusting anyone including Kara, but from the first time he met her as Elder Chloe, he knew there was something different about her and couldn’t stay away.  Now revealed to him as Kara, he is conflicted about the secrets she keeps but still needs to be near her.  He fights an internal battle to not succumb to her beauty and kindness, but in the long run may find it’s a battle he is willing to lose.  Together, and with the efforts of the entire Sphinx Family, they will stand as one force against the final desperate battle to save their own lives and the existence of the Earth itself.

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