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Secrets Weekend Blast: Forbidden Fruit by Anne Rainey (Excerpt)

by admin

Forbidden Fruit by Anne Rainey

Genre: Contemporary Romance

To My Reader:

It’s a pleasure for me to create less than perfect heroines that are easy to relate to and I especially had fun with Ava Sweet.  She’s one tough lady, but with a soft center.  She deserved a hunky bad boy to show her just how beautiful she is.  I dearly hope you enjoy Ava’s transformation from shy tomboy to sexy siren!

~ * ~

“Oh god, what am I even doing here?  I don’t belong here!”

Jen took Ava by the shoulders and gave her a shake.  “Remember Monday?  Standing on Luke’s front porch and hearing every awful word that fell out of his big dumb mouth?”

Ava remembered.  It hurt, but she remembered.

She’d gone to Luke’s on Monday because he’d found a cat on his front porch and hadn’t a clue as to what to do with it.  Inches from the screen door, she stopped dead at the words that drifted out to her.

“Since when do you have the hots for my sister’s friend?”

“I wouldn’t say I have the hots for her, but there’s no denying that she’s one sexy piece of ass, Luke.”

“Dr. Doolittle?  Sexy?”

He sounded so incredulous and Ava felt her heart sink.

“Hell, yes, sexy!”  At that moment, she could have planted one on Pete’s lips for that manly comment.  “I’d give my left nut to see that curvy ass of hers in the buff.  It’s all heart-shaped and…just so damned squeezable.”

Luke, the idiot, dug himself in deeper.  “Are we talking about the same woman here?”

Pete just plowed on; oblivious that Luke wasn’t buying a word he was selling.  “And those magnificent tits.  Just right, ya know?  All soft and bouncy and round.  I swear to Christ I don’t think she owns a single bra.”

“How can you tell what her ass or her tits look like when every piece of clothing she owns is big and baggy and ugly as sin?”

Her shoulders slumped.  That confirmed her worst fears.  Luke would never see her as a woman.  Only ever as the plain tomboy, animal lover friend of his sister, Jen.


“You don’t need to have x-ray vision, Luke.  Ava Sweet isn’t all fluff and makeup, true, but, she’s real and everything a man could want in a woman.  She has natural beauty.  The kind most women envy.  And I’d bet money that beneath those baggy clothes is one helluva woman just waiting for a man to sink his teeth in.”

“But, again, I ask you, how the hell can you even tell?  She’s all bulky cotton material!  And that hair.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen it out of that nasty ass ponytail she wears day in and day out.”

Can you blame her?”

“What do mean?”

“She probably dresses like that to deter her boss and every other man she comes across.”

“What does her boss have to do with it?”

Yeah, that’s what she’d like to know.

“I’ve been to the clinic where she works and I’ve seen the good doc giving her the once over.  If she came to work looking all…girly, he’d be on her quicker than a cat to cream.”

“You’ve been to her clinic?”


“What the hell for?  You don’t even own a pet.”

“Jesus, Luke, for such a ladies man you can be real dense sometimes.”

Enough was enough, Ava decided.  Time to retrieve the cat and give Luke a piece of her mind in the process.


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