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Secrets Weekend Blast: Labyrinth by Alice Gaines (excerpt) #contemporary #erotica

by admin

Labyrinth by Alice Gaines

Genre: Contemporary, Light Bondage, Spanking


Reader Alert!

Reclusive billionaire, Deimos Rowland not only owns a Greek island.  He’s created a sexual labyrinth inside it, with each chamber a bit more exotic sexually than the last.  Kate Walker discovers a world where nothing is forbidden — not spanking nor voyeurism nor being tied up.

~ * ~


“Are you willing to try something else?” Deimos asked.

Kate glanced at him from under her lashes.  “Is it kinky?”

“Perhaps,” he answered.  “It requires you to trust me.”

“Will you make me leave if I say no?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know what it is before you decide to refuse?”

“That makes sense, I guess,” she said.  “So, what is it?”

He reached to a basket of lotions and sponges on the edge of the tub.  After fumbling a bit, he pulled out a pink razor, the sort of instrument women used to shave their legs.  “I want to use this on you.”

“A razor?”

“Have you ever shaved your pussy?”

She giggled.  It sounded more nervous than anything else.  “I haven’t.”

“Will you let me do it?” he said.  “It would please me.”

“I guess you can’t hurt me with that thing.”

“I’ll do my best not to.”

“Okay.”  This time, she sat up on edge of the tub and parted her legs.  Before he started with the razor, he picked a soap and worked it into a thick lather between his palms.  Rubbing it all over her sex required him

to massage her lips all the way from the front of her pelvis to the crevice between her thighs.  She leaned backward, exposing herself.  Her eyelids went to half-mast as he worked her most sensitive flesh.  When he

jostled her clit, she let out a little coo of approval.

“Ready?” he asked.

“More than ready.”

Now, he took up the razor again and applied it to the hairs on the front of her pussy.  He worked slowly, watching her pink flesh appear as he removed the curling hairs.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered.

“I’ve never seen myself.”

He stared up at her.  “Never?”

“I’d really have to crane my neck to see.”

“You have a mirror, don’t you?”

She shrugged.  “It never seemed important.”

“I’ll show you when I’ve finished.”  He went back to his work, and now, he had to shave along the lips.  Pushing her legs farther apart gave him a better view, but he still had to place his head close to her to find all

her curves. A floral scent invaded his nostrils. Soap, but also the smell of her beneath. He breathed deeply as he ran the head of the razor over her flesh. Slowly, so slowly, and with infinite care, he denuded her a

fraction of a millimeter at a time.

Finally, he’d finished, and he could stare at the petals of her sex naked.  They seemed to swell and part as he watched.  “Perfect.  Just perfect.”

She gazed down at him, a light of awe in her eyes.  If no one had ever seen her this way before, no one could appreciate her value.  More precious than any jewel, she was living poetry.  Beauty even the classics

couldn’t rival.

“See for yourself.”  He set aside the razor and found a mirror and held it between her legs.  “Look.”

She looked into the mirror and then cocked her head for a different view.  “I…wow…I don’t know what to say.”

Now, I can stroke you and taste you with nothing between us.”

“I’ll get stubble.”

He laughed.  “We’ll do this again.  As many times as necessary.”

“That sounds as if you’re going to keep me for a long time.”

“I might.”  He might keep her here forever.  He might have found the woman who could satisfy him for the rest of his life.  If so, he’d show her the world.  He’d open her eyes to every sensual experience life had to

offer.  He’d find some way to make love to her beside the Taj Mahal.  He’d take the most lavish hotel suite Paris had to offer.  He’d make love to her in a pool heated by an underground volcano.  In the meantime,

he’d know her body right here, in the labyrinth he’d created.


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