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Secrets Weekend Blast: Sex, Lies and Contracts by Jennifer Probst (Excerpt) #erotica #contemporary #novella #FantasiesFulfilled

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Genre: Erotic Contemporary, Spanking

Reader Alert! 

Describe sexual content in two to three sentences. Ex: Abby didn’t know being on the run could be so glorious, with two men who know how to use ropes and spank so well!! Caution! When you read about Abby’s adventures you will need cool down and not over heat!

~ * ~

His eyes were a dark whiskey gold her father liked to pour in heavily cut crystal glasses. Liquid fire – potent and seething with heat. His gaze assessed her story and challenged her for the truth. “I don’t believe you. I think you know exactly why you’re still here.”

She retreated behind a wall of ice, refusing to let the sexual heat between them melt her defenses. Julianna had one goal, and a gardener wasn’t going to distract her at this point. “We’re done here. You can go back to work.”

Carved lips kicked up a notch. His masculine energy pressed down upon her and she battled for her ground. “I think you’re so comfortable behind these walls you’ve given up on living.”

“Coming from a handy man with a Peter Pan complex.”

He laughed and shook his head as if in admiration. “Damn, love, you’re a bit of a spitfire all buttoned up tight. How long has it been since you let a man put his hands on you? Or in you?”

The image knocked out her breath. Her almost virginal body fought for dominance as liquid warmth pulsed between her legs and dampened her panties. Her nipples rose painfully against her bra and demanded freedom. Julianna crossed her arms in front of her chest to hide her reaction. “Oh, surely you can do better than that.” Her tone dripped icicles. “This is straight out of a book, Mr. Wolfe. Poor spinster locked up in a big old house meets sexy gardener who sets her body free.  She’s forever grateful for the experience. Blah, blah, blah. Now, if you rather not get back to work, we will consider the job null and void and you can leave my home.”

“Ah, so you did read Lady Chatterly’s Lover?” he drawled. Slowly, he uncurled over six feet of muscled length and rose from the seat to tower over her. “D.H. Lawrence is one of my favorites. Course, I’m the gardener rather than the gameskeeper. And you’re forgetting the husband – which you don’t have. The rest is similar. Uneducated working class man shows sexually deprived wife how to let go and be free to let her body experience pleasure.”

Jack paused. Then dropped his voice to a rough whisper that raked across her nerve endings like fingernails against naked skin. “Wanna play?”

Her heart pounded so loud her ears dimmed. “Excuse me?”

He laughed. In one swift movement, he reached out and snagged her wrist. Then tugged hard. Slightly off balance, she stumbled toward him, where he neatly caught her by the waist and trapped her between him and the sink. The edge of the marble dug into her back when she tried to retreat. Raw masculine energy assaulted her senses, the sheen of sweat on his bare chest – a mass of carved muscles pressed against the curve of her breasts. The scent of dirt and fresh grass and musk rose to her nostrils in an animal attempt to entice her to mate.

“Role play, love. Do you know the things I could teach you? Give me one night and it’ll all be for you. I’ll strip you naked and suck on these nipples until they’re aching and ruby red.” His fingers tweaked one rigid tip and a streak of raw lust speared between her legs and almost made her moan. Almost. “I’ll pry your legs open and press my tongue against your clit, taste your wetness, and make you come so hard against my mouth you’ll only be able to utter my name.” That hand slid down the front of her body to cup her mound through her jeans. The heat of his palm burned and she jerked upward, her juices exploding and her clit pounding, as if she could orgasm just by the image of his tongue in her pussy.

But Julianna was not defeated.

She desperately reined her body in tight and managed to speak. “Take your hands off of me.”

“Ah, you’re a talker. I can tell by your eyes you like to hear the words, like a true poet. Let me tell you what I want to do right now.” He held her still as easily as she was a fragile bird, his hand now moving to her lips to roughly caress. “I’m going to unbutton these jeans and rip off your panties. Turn you around so your naked ass is exposed. Then I’m going to prop you over the counter, bend you over, and thrust inside your pussy and make you come so hard you won’t remember another man before me.”

The world spun. She fought like a maniac for some kind of reality, reminding herself he was a common gardener who was looking for a quick lay. Probably had a million diseases.

“Mr. Wolfe, I want you to leave now.”

“God, you’re cute. Might as well call me Jack.”

“I will not be having sex with my newly hired gardener. I’m not that type of woman.”

His eyes danced with a merry wickedness that made her crave to slap him. “I think that’s exactly your problem. Obviously, you haven’t had an orgasm in a while. Probably why you’re so uptight. Nothing wrong with taking advantage of me while I’m here – I don’t mind.”

“Out. Now. Unless you want me to scream or call the police.”


Her legs almost buckled with sheer relief at her victory, but then a full male grin transformed his face and he lowered his head. “I’d like to hear you scream. Don’t panic. I promise this won’t hurt a bit.”

Then his mouth took hers.


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