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Secrets Weekend Blast: The Disciplinarian’s Daughter by Leigh Court (excerpt) #Victorian #erotica

by admin

The Disciplinarian’s Daughter by Leigh Court


Genre: Historical Victorian England, Lessons in how a woman can pleasure herself.


Only virgins need apply…


Amelia watched as Trevor looked down at her. “Now, just relax on the examination table and describe for me what you’re feeling. I’m interested in the differences in sensation, so that I can discover for my scientific paper what a woman enjoys best.”

His right hand slipped under the hem of Amelia’s gown, heading directly for the juncture of her thighs, to her feminine curls. His hand settled on her gently, almost familiarly.

It felt warm. Protective, in an odd sort of way. His broad palm blanketed the spot where he’d rubbed up against her yesterday, and his fingers had fanned themselves out to cover an even greater area. The feeling of having him so close to her most private, intimate place was doing strange things to that particular area of her body.

“All right so far?” he asked.

“I suppose so. Yes.”

“Good. Now describe this for me.”

And with no more warning than that, his fingers delved beneath her curls.

Amelia gasped. Her body jerked, its first instinct to recoil. But he seemed to hold her in place with just the subtle pressure of his palm. And the look in his eye.


She bit her lip. “Fear. Embarrassment.”

“No. Those are emotions, not sensations. You know I won’t hurt you — the whole point of this study is your pleasure. I’m interested in your body’s physical responses. Concentrate on those, and put aside your judgments. You’ve agreed to this experiment, now I need your honesty.”

Amelia focused on the look in Trevor’s eyes, and tried to calm her racing heart. She forced her body to relax, her muscles to unclench. He nodded his approval, and his fingers began to move, tracing along the inside of her feminine lips, running up one side and down the other in a slow, deliberate circle.

Dear God in heaven above. Amelia gasped loudly again, this time in astonished pleasure. It felt like every nerve ending in her body was centered there, right where Trevor’s fingertips were focused. And the more he stroked her, the easier it seemed to get — he was almost gliding along her flesh now.

“Describe what you’re feeling.”

“I-I couldn’t possibly.” But she must. It was her part of the agreement, as he’d just reminded her.

He seemed to wait patiently while she composed herself, but his fingers continued their insistent, delicious revolutions.

“It’s — incredible,” she admitted. “Lush. Luxurious. Like satin or silk. Smooth and slick. I don’t know how else to describe it.”


“Oh, yes!”

“Good. Now tell me if it feels better with more pressure, or less.” His fingertips never stopped moving, but the pressure increased for one full circle, and then backed off almost to the point where he was barely touching her. His rotation the second time was like a whispered promise, a tease.



“Less!” she gasped. “Less pressure makes me squirm for more contact, desperate for that connection.”

“Interesting. So, overall… would you say you like to be caressed here?”

“God, yes.”

“Very well. Let’s move on to the next sensation.” Trevor withdrew his fingertips, but before Amelia could mourn the loss of his touch, he shocked her speechless by slipping one finger inside her body.

Her hips bucked violently at the unexpected invasion.

“Shh…It’s all right,” he soothed, staring deeply into her eyes. “You see how easy it was for me to enter you? It’s natural. This is where a husband places his cock during sex. This is where I’ll put the ivory dildo in a minute. But first, I want to establish exactly where it will give you the most pleasure.”

Amelia stared at him in disbelief. This is what married people did? This is where a husband slaked his lust on a wife, too often leaving her before she reached the same satisfaction?

Trevor’s finger began to move.

Dear God, it felt oddly like he was exploring her. From the inside. She squirmed under his probing investigation, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. No. It was actually…wet. Slick, like his rhythmic circles a minute ago. And…interesting. Incredibly sensitive.

“Look at me.”

Amelia didn’t realize she’d screwed her eyes shut. It was because of embarrassment again, but Trevor was having none of it.

“Concentrate. Now, does this feel better than the first sensation, or not quite as good?”

“I don’t know. It’s…different.”

He slipped in a second finger to join the first, and she gasped.


Her eyes widened in surprise. She felt impaled, strangely full, and she had the oddest urge to grind her body down against his hand. Where on earth had that instinct come from?

He began a slow pumping motion with his fingers. In. Out. It was a surprisingly pleasurable assault. She began to pant in time to his tempo, her pulse beating to the same rhythm.

“Talk to me. Could you reach your peak if I continued to do this?”

Amelia’s brain seemed to have turned itself off, her body instead demanding all her attention. She struggled to find words. “Yes. I believe I could. It feels very, very nice.”

“Tell me if this feels better.”

He twisted his hand, as if searching for something inside her. And then his fingertips hit a spot deep inside her body that nearly sent her through his examination room ceiling. She gasped loudly. He hooked his fingers, rubbing, pressing, flicking against that incredibly sensitive spot. Amelia began to writhe on the examination table as if possessed by a devil. Her body bucked. Her heart pounded. Her lungs couldn’t take in enough air. And then, as if the pleasure wasn’t overwhelming enough, she felt Trevor’s thumb search out the exact spot the heel of his palm had stroked with such success yesterday. Her little button of pleasure.

She frantically stared at him as her world began to spin, and the look in Trevor’s eye was as fiercely determined as she’d ever seen it. He wanted this. He wanted her to have this. His thumb began to move.


She screamed then. Screamed at the top of her lungs, as her body exploded with a pleasure she didn’t think she’d survive.

~ * ~

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