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Getting what we want is half knowing what we really desire and half knowing how to get it. ~Danielle Kase

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We often long for what we think we shouldn’t have: that slice of cheesecake, another cup of coffee, stilettos with sparkly heels, the man next door with sinful eyes. But this longing is 100 times worse if what we want is also somehow ‘wrong’. We’re dieting (ever notice how that word is mainly the word ‘die’?), caffeine is a no-no, the heels cost a week’s salary, the gorgeous neighbor is married. The forbidden just makes us want it more. So we compromise. Eat the cheese cake, spend an extra hour on the treadmill. Drink the coffee and have water the rest of the day. Buy the heels and eat cereal for a month. Close all the blinds on the windows facing Mr. Gorgeous Eyes. But what if what we want isn’t ‘bad’, it’s just ‘different’?  What makes us branch out to discover new things, especially the forbidden? For example, in Dr. Seuss’ ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ story, the main character spends 99% of the book denying he likes something he hasn’t even tried until he finally tastes them and realizes they’re delicious. A push, a shove and we finally leave our comfort zone for something even better. It takes courage to let go of what we believe is ‘right’ and embrace what we thought was ‘wrong’. But why spend 99% of life in denial?

Kylie is being trained as a sex slave. But what she learns about her own needs and desires goes far beyond the world of Masters and BDSM. The Pain Master discovers a new level of pain when forced to choose between generations old traditions and the one woman he has finally found to love. An ancient goddess of great ability appears powerless against an evil witch in a desperate struggle for a man’s soul. A couple cursed for centuries must somehow correct a broken vow if they ever hope to be reunited. And all of these characters are on a collision course.

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About the Author: I used to follow tradition, play things safe. It’s boring. And it doesn’t fulfill you. Like eating broccoli when you really want chocolate: you always have this gnawing need for something else, something better, something more. Finding what exactly that is can often be a long, hard battle with loads of choices and decisions along the way. But it can also be the most satisfying, sigh-inspiring thing you ever do. Settle in with me, a cup of tea, some chocolate and Kylie’s story. You won’t regret it


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