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Just Released! Hidden Magic by Nora Quick

by admin

I am so pleased to be part of the Red Sage family! Hidden Magic is a story I am very proud of, and I hope you enjoy. I love fantastic alternate worlds and all the possibilities they hold. In this one, a woman named Minn holds power in a matriarchal society where men are subject to rule. But it doesn’t stop her from desiring a true Alpha male, and their love unfolds in a complex world of erotic discovery, magical adventure, and deep personal examination. I hope you enjoy the wild ride replete with swordfights, magic, mystery, and best of all, pulse-pounding love!

Unlike many typical erotic romances, Hidden Magic features a world in which women hold the power and men are little than chattel. A subtle examination of gender roles, it holds a typical romance between a strong, commanding man, and a strong woman who yearns to submit to true passion, but unfolds a little differently. It will keep you on your toes, never knowing what to expect. Very strong characters are thrown into a complex plot of mystery in a fantastical setting. Erotic and romantic, it is at heart a fantasy epic and a hero tale, with our heroine Minn struggling between valor and passion, glory and love.

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Minn, an Earless in need of a husband, will face her greatest challenge when breathtaking adventure finds her on a lonely dark road. When a cursed girl crosses her path she is saved by the mysterious and extraordinary Tomass, a sorcerer who reveals his nemesis has entered a plot with hers. Together they join forces to unravel the dark plot of the Duchess Serinne and dark sorcerer M’Graough. Tomass is a man forbidden; a social outcast practicing dangerous magic he can’t possible suit a woman of noble birth, but he is the greatest temptation she will ever face. Trained in the sensual arts Tomass can only raise magic with her help and her body, and every day they spend together she falls deeper under his compelling spell. In a world of swordfights, magic, duels, and epic battles, they must fight for their lives to avert the war to end all wars. But can true love win the day, or is it just another spell to hold them back? When valor and strength means everything to a woman, is she brave enough to find the true strength in surrendering her passions to a demanding man who takes no prisoners?


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