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Welcome to Saturday Night Secrets! #saturdaynightsecrets

by admin

Hello and welcome!

Each Saturday night, we’ll share with you teasers from all our Secrets anthologies, and we hope that this will warm up those chilly nights this winter.

So without further ado, here’s a little something-something from our first volume.


A Lady’s Quest by Bonnie Hamre
In A Lady’s Quest, author Bonnie Hamre brings you a London historical where Lady Antonia Blair-Sutworth searches for a lover in a way that is sure to shock and please the reader.

* * * *

“Lady Blair-Sutworth.”
Antonia glanced up and stiffened. “Your grace.” She made him the smallest curtsy imaginable.
He hid a smile. “Have I offended you in some way?”
Casting her emerald gaze somewhere beyond his shoulder, she murmured. “I cannot imagine why you should think so.”
“Almost the cut direct should do it, wouldn’t you agree?”
She slanted her head in inquiry.
“A few moments ago, while you were dancing.”
She paused, as if in reflection. “I don’t believe I noticed you.”
“I am wounded.”
Her gaze flicked up and away. “Is there not a sufficient number of women here to fawn over you? Perhaps our hosts would be good enough to import some additional female guests.”
He allowed himself a small smile. “That will not be necessary. The woman I seek is already here. Shall I tell you her name?”
“It is of no import. If you will excuse me?”
“Not yet.”
Her mouth tightened. Sutherland studied the set look to her face. Why was she so eager to rid herself of his presence? Though he found it more irritating than complimentary, he couldn’t pretend ke knew nothing about the usual reaction of women to his attention. He didn’t flatter himself that it was for himself alone, for Dougal MacDonald, that some women flirted and chatted gaily to attract his attention to their charms. It was common knowledge that he would have to marry soon to protect the title and fill his nurseries. More than one woman hoped to become his wealthy Duchess.
But not yet. Marriage and children would have to wait. First, he would lay claim to Lady Antonia Blair-Sutworth. Anticipating the outcome of his intentions, he studied the tender flare of her lips and wondered how they would feel under his. His loins tightened at the thought.
The music began again. A waltz. Perfect. He turned to her, but she took a step back.
“I’ve promised this dance to Talbot.” She looked past his shoulder. “Here he is, now.”
Sutherland turned his head and waited until the other man, a young fop by the looks of his intricately tied neckcloth, approached. Calmly, he said, “Lady Blair-Sutworth has pledged me this dance.”
She caught her breath. “Oh, but I didn’t…”
The young man cast her a startled glance and bowed. “My error, your grace.”
“Wise of him,” Sutherland commented as the younger man retreated. He turned to lead Antonia to the floor.
“Do you always get what you want?”
“Always. Make a note of that, my lady.”


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