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Welcome To Taboo Tuesday!

by admin

Up first on this debut post is…ADDICTION by Lynne Logan. This hot ménage is from our vault and still available for your reading pleasure.

Desperate to locate her sister, Holly Donovan steps through the door of one of Phoenix’s infamous sex clubs. But within the club’s walls, Holly finds herself enticed by the blatant desire and the raw sexuality of a masked stranger.
Carlos Hernandez is at the club to get an in-depth story for the local newspaper and has no intention of participating in any sex games, but he doesn’t count on getting caught up in his own desire or the woman who spurs a myriad of sexual fantasies.  Dare he let those fantasies turn into a reality, and if he does, will his career ruin it all?


“Are you alright?”
“I…”  She shivered.
“Here.”  He took the glass from her hand and set it down by a small table by an empty sofa. “You better sit down. Watching all this isn’t doing you any good. I noticed on my way in here, there’s a private room that’s currently unoccupied. No one will bother you there, including myself.”
He placed a palm on the small of her back, his body inching closer to her own as he looked down at her. Thick, black, shaggy hair framed a face filled with harsh angles. The man’s near black eyes searched her face as his thick brows drew into a frown. The mask didn’t hide the concern etched across his features.
His heat enfolded her. Holly wanted to sink into his flesh, ignite a hunger in him to match the one raging inside her. Horror and embarrassment scalded her thoughts, but did nothing to ease this insane need.
He urged her past the couple and through a hallway to a room. “You took an aphrodisiac. The most potent one the club has to offer.
“I thought it was just iced tea.”
His lips curled up at one corner. “Iced tea with a distinctive kick.”
“I had no idea,” she said, sounding far more inane than she intended.
No wonder her body acted completely beyond her control, but the knowledge did nothing to soothe the burning urge to pleasure herself or have a stranger do it for her.
They slipped into a room. The muted groans from the couple in the hallway floated after them. A large, circular bed glowed blue-white beneath a black light along the ceiling. Chains glittered silver and hung from a wall that looked as if it were draped in soft fur…



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