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IT’S ANOTHER EDITION OF #tabootuesday FEATURING…My Dates With The Dom – by Eden Elgabri

by admin

Reader Alert! :  Victoria couldn’t believe that in her forties she was finally making her sexual fantasies come true. Or that she’d signed a contract to be a submissive. The thought made her body burn. Caution! When you read of her exploits with her Dom, Michael, it’ll make you burn too!

My shaky hands were making it even more difficult to keep the book steady when I felt his presence behind me. Close behind me. He didn’t say a word but I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. The feel of his fingers clasping the chain around my neck signaled the start of the game. The cool of the metal on my skin made me shiver. Who was I kidding? His presence did that. He stepped back and his hand grazed my ass as he walked by.
I knew the drill. Stand there reading back cover blurbs and wait for him to come back. Don’t move except to pick up a new book to look at.
Within seconds he was back, this time his hand lightly crept up my leg massaging it. Someone walked by and he was gone like a specter.
When he returned I felt his breath in my ear. “Follow me.”
I turned eager to do anything he said. I followed like a lemming, mesmerized by his power, his voice. He stopped in another section which was clear of other shoppers. “Pick up a book.”
I grabbed for the nearest thing, turned it over, and pretended to read the back. At that point it was impossible to see the words that were written there. All I knew was the closeness of his body, the feel of his hands, the timber of his voice. His hands rubbed along my hips, along my sides and up to my shoulders, as if holding me in place.
I gasped as they slid down to my breasts, cupping and squeezing them both, kneading them right there for anyone to see. His hands gripped hard and he leaned into me turning me slightly to the left. “You have three minutes to go to the ladies room and bring me back your panties.”


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