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It’s #tabootuesday! Get Your Kink On With Cox Club – Alice Gaines From Secrets: Desires Unleashed

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Cox Club – Alice Gaines

At the urging of her best friend, Andi Crawford visits an exclusive club in order to find some sexual satisfaction after her divorce. The last person she expects to find at a place like Club Cox is her overbearing ex-husband, Blake. But, he’s there and as tempting as ever. Can she maintain her independence, or will she surrender to the intense physical pleasure only he can give her?
To My Reader: The great thing about writing is the ability to portray the world the way it ought to exist. There really ought to be clubs where women can go to fulfill every sensual and sexual fantasy. I’ve created such a club in this story. Enjoy the fantasy!
The cab stopped in the absolutely last place you’d expect to find an exclusive sex club. One lone light bulb barely made a dent in the drizzle, but you wouldn’t want to see too much in this neighborhood, anyway.
Nothing but run-down warehouses, some with forklifts sitting outside. From the peeling paint on others, it appeared they hadn’t held any merchandise for years.
The driver looked back over his seat. “You ladies sure you want to get out here?”
“Thank you, yes.” Andi Crawford’s friend, Carol, fumbled in her purse for a few seconds and then passed the man several twenties. “Keep the change.”
He took them briefly and then grunted his approval. “You’ll pardon my saying so, but this block don’t look safe.”
Andi sat in the darkest part of the cab, back between the seat and the rear window. The place wasn’t safe. In fact, he had no idea how unsafe it was, but not for the reason he thought.
Carol opened the cab door, grabbed Andi’s arm, and hauled them both onto the street. She continued holding onto Andi as she closed the door again and the cab drove away. Obviously, she thought Andi would bolt, and she could very well be right. But in this part of town, wearing three inch heels and a short skirt, Andi wasn’t going anywhere without the cab.
Why had she let Carol talk her into this?
Oh hell, she knew damned well. She hadn’t had an orgasm in six months—except for the ones that woke her up from a dream sometimes. Not since Blake, damn him, anyway.

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