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New Release: Fallen Daughters by Monica Owens

by admin

Dear Readers, these girls are near and dear to my heart. Each one is special and like my own daughters. Lots of insight into the relationships the Devil and his daughters have. And let’s face it, there’s a lot of daughters! Enjoy reading about these three…and you never know, more daughters might be lurking around the corner, too!

This book was unexpected. I had an idea and Amaryllis was born. But Amaryllis needed her other sisters so Ember and Ruby came along. All three stories are important to the Fallen Angel world. We meet the soldiers, we find out the relationship between the Devil and Lilith, the Devil and his daughters, and the sisters themselves. The Fallen books show a unique view of good vs evil, mostly from the point of view of those who would be considered the “evil.” It’s all perspective, after all….


Fallen Daughters contains three stories all intertwined with the Devil Bones MC. The first story belongs to Ember and Cage as he fights for the life of his motorcycle club. With Ember’s encouragement, he makes the changes needed, but at a huge price. Will he lose the love of his life when she makes the ultimate decision? Amaryllis is sent to check on her sister, but instead runs into Dominguez. When Amaryllis realizes her father has betrayed her, Dominguez turns his back on her and she goes home in disgrace. But the feelings Dominguez incited cause Amaryllis to make a daring choice. Ruby wants one last fling before marrying the man her father has chosen for her. What she finds is Maddox, the tattooed, pierced Sargent at arms of the Devil Bones MC. When a deadly shooting occurs, Mad takes off after Ruby to get some answers. What he gets is an experience he’ll never forget, not after meeting Ruby’s mother Lilith.

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