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#SaturdayNightSecrets is back! Let’s see if we can spice up the last day of February for you.

by admin

Her hand shook as she reached for the lock. She closed her eyes a moment, and then opened the door.
Jake stood there, glaring down at her, his jaw clenched, his hands tight fists.
Abby moved forward, putting her body solidly in the doorway. “I told you not to come here.” And she had. Those words had been so hard to utter. But she’d done it. She’d ended things with Jake.
His eyes, his brilliant blue eyes, shone like chips of ice. They were locked on her, their intensity sending a shiver over her.
He took a quick breath and gritted, “What you told me was to fuck off, but I’m not going to do that.” He took a step forward, bringing his body inches from hers. The heat of his skin seemed to burn her, and the light scent of his cologne filled her nostrils.
“You have to do it,” she said, forcing the words out and lifting her chin. “It’s over, Jake. I don’t want to see you anymore, I can’t see you—”
He grabbed her, pulling her into his arms and capturing her mouth in a heated kiss. His tongue plunged past her lips, igniting a wave of desire that Abby was helpless to fight.
“You want me,” he whispered, pulling back slightly. “And God knows I want you.”
Her nipples pressed against her robe, and she knew that he could see them, knew that he could feel her need for him.
His fingers moved, slipping under her chin and forcing her to look up, forcing her to meet his penetrating gaze. “Why would you throw away what we have? Why?”


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