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Just Released: A Lady’s Best Friend by Sally Smith #newrelease #erotica

by admin

We all have sexual fantasies and they usually take place inside our heads and the timing of them can be random and unpredictable, but we will all agree that they are very powerful thoughts.  What would happen if you suddenly found yourself in a position to actually carry out one of your fantasies? If for the first time this fantasy, which has only ever lived in your mind, is presented there in front of you? Do you know what you would do? Would you seize the opportunity to live it out for real or would you prefer to keep it in your mind only and walk away?

Find out what happened when a group of women found themselves in that very situation.  Did they do what you would do?

This is a collection of short stories based on what women want.  Having researched the top most popular women’s sexual fantasies I decided to write scenarios containing some of  these fantasies.  I have purposefully remained vague in my descriptions of the main characters in each scenario, thus allowing the reader to picture whomever they like in any given role, which will add to enhance the reading and giving more pleasure to the reader.. 

I’ve written this collection of short stories with real, everyday women like you and me in mind.  I want you to unlock within yourself your deepest desires and learn to enjoy and embrace them as part of who you are.

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