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Just Released: One Step Closer by D. Van Heest #newrelease #romanticsuspense #mystery

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I am pleased to become the newest member of the Red Sage team and I am pleased to share my latest work. It is the first book in a three part series entitled One Step Closer. My character, Lara Martin, is a cross between Janet Evanovich’s character Stephanie Plum and The Downside of Being Charlie. It’s a story of never giving up and the inner strength of one ordinary woman who can change her fate if she has the courage to try.

My book is semi-autobiographical. I wanted to write a book dealing with my personal experiences kind of like Carrie Bradshaw (Sex in the city) but where Carrie has a fun and flirty life Lara Martin has the opposite however she never gives up. The other characters that share this book, Gina Grails and Brian Hammond, are tied to the story because they are tied to Lara. Her journey takes them on an adventure and you don’t really know where they’ll end up.

* * * *

Lara Martin is a woman haunted. After a bitter divorce and a custody battle that leaves her without her two children, Lara finds she is as far from the girl she once was as she could ever remember being. Haunted by the choices she has made every day is a struggle. When a friend faces a life changing tragedy, Lara is inspired to reclaim her life but her chance may be cut short when she catches the eye of a stranger and is unwittingly put on the path of a cruel and malicious man. Detective Brian Hammond is a man who relies on his instincts to get the job done. Meeting Lara, he is instantly beguiled by her beauty and pain. Things quickly become complicated when a new case emerges and he discovers the very man he’s hunting has been hunting Lara. Can he figure out the mysteries of the case before it’s too late or will Lara have to fight for the very thing she wants most, her life?


Are you intrigued yet? Pick up your copy today!


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