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Just Released: Fallen Justice by Monica Owens #newrelease #eroticromance #novel #paranormal

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Thank you for taking another step into the world of the Fallen Angels! Enjoy hot romance, good vs evil, and some seriously awesome guys! Get on Facebook and Twitter, let the masses know how you feel about Fallen Justice, Dagon’s story. And let me know who you think should be next!

While most books deal with good vs evil in some way, the Fallen Angels strip this right down to the studs of the world. Ultimately there is a good or bad choice to make and all the Fallen must decide which way to turn. This hits the heart of people since that’s exactly what all people must deal with at some point or another as well.

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Dagon is a fallen Archangel. When he fled Hell, he took along his soul-killing sword of Hellfire. After centuries with his sword, Dagon has it stolen, causing him to descend into a whirling madness. Gina Marcos has just found her grandmother and now is forced to bury her. The murder of the ex-nun comes to the attention of the church and they ask the Fallen Angels to investigate. Gina, and her many secrets, finds it necessary to coexist with Dagon and his roommates. As the investigation into Sister Mary Ruth’s death continues, Gina and Dagon enter into a dangerous relationship. And if Gina’s past doesn’t come between them, then Dagon’s madness surely will.

Read more about Fallen Justice here, and get your copy today!

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