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Just Released: The Power of Love and Passion by Toya Richardson

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The Power of Love and Passion, The Eternal Love of the Seekers #6

By Toya Richardson

Releasing March 1, 2016

Novel – 237 pages

ISBN – 9781603100359

Category – Fantasy Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Suspense

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Arianne Delaney has uncovered secrets at Global Innovations, but has put her life in great danger in the process. She is also concerned that she appears to have powers which terrify her.

Grant O’Connor is still angry at not being able to have Juliana as his mate. And when he discovers her beautiful mother working for Global at their pharmaceutical company, he knows he has to have her at all costs.

Rob Delaney had given up the search for the only woman who meant anything to him. And now he has discovered she is working in a place where she will be in grave danger, especially if her employers discover who her lover was. Can he reach her in time before it’s too late?

 * * *A Note From The Author* * *

Rob Delaney discovers his long, lost love – and Mother of his daughter, Juliana – is alive and well and in extreme danger. She is gathering Intel regarding Global Innovations by hacking into their secret computer systems. Can he rescue her before she is raped and tortured? And now that the three children destined to decide the fate of the Seekers are in this world, can they be protected at all costs? Nikolas Krystos’ and his partner now have twin boys and Nikolas desperately wants to get his hands on the two female children, Elise and Tamara, and use them to breed with his sons to have his own army of chameleons. Will there ever be eternal peace for the Seekers, or will they be forever hounded by Krystos and the rest of Global Innovations?


It is important to realize what will happen if Nikolas Krystos ever gets his hands on the two female Seeker children. He is blinded by the need for his twin sons to grow up and have two pureblood, female Atlanteans with the chameleon gene, so they can give him his own army of chameleon and if he could capture Freya Anders as well then he’d have three females to breed with. If his dream comes to pass it will mean the enslavement of all on Earth and death for those Atlanteans on the side of good – Seekers.

Rob Delaney goes to rescue his long, lost love from the danger of being captured by Global Innovations for hacking into their encrypted databases.

Lauren finally allows Dan to make love to her. This shows how far she has come since her rape and abuse at the hands of Owen Blair and Grant O’Connor. Their love scene is extremely gentle and tender and shows her how a man should treat a woman.

Drew Greenway, close friend of Armand De Silva and Rob Delaney is fed up with being single. He craves what his friends have, a loving, supportive woman by their side and a beautiful child. He is so sick of women chasing him for sex that he no longer allows any of them near him. His main focus is on the three special children, especially Elise De Silva – he is her guardian too – and his whole focus is totally on taking care of the three of them. This paves the way for a very exciting and hot seventh book in the series.

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