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Just Released: Dangerous Temptation by Toya Richardson

by admin

Drew Greenway has had a reputation as a lady killer for centuries, but all he really wants is a woman who loves him and children. There is someone he loves deeply, but she, Elise De Silva, is his best friend’s daughter and a dangerous temptation. To make matters worse, she feels the same way about him. In order to take the temptation away, he suggests that Elise along with her best friend Tamara and Cousin Nathan, go to the USA for a few months. Elise is devastated when she finds out and is extremely hurtful to him when she leaves. Three years pass and upon Elise’s return, their eyes meet across a crowded ballroom and their feelings and desires rise up stronger than before. And eventually they embark on an extremely hot, sizzling and mind-blowing love affair.

The war between the Seekers and Global Innovations is about to come to an explosive head. Who will become the victors and when the time comes, will Paul Veron have the courage to push the button, which could sound the end of their people.

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