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Just released: The Horse List Unveiled by Anna Lores

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Categories: Contemporary romantic suspense, Erotic Romance, Mystery, Erotic Thriller, Romantic Suspense Fiction, Literature Mystery

Back in her hometown, veterinarian Ava Black is torn between a loving promise to cowboy Brady Ross, and her intense desire to be with artist and businessman Eric North.

Protective and private, Brady can give her a normal life with children, family, friends and the career she loves, all without the confines of marriage.

Domineering Eric wishes for privacy in his own life, but fame and wealth make him an obvious target of attention. A normal life wouldn’t be an option if she were with the billionaire. But finishing the Horse List would be – along with the sexually adventurous lifestyle she craves.

Will Ava find the strength to stand up and choose the path of true love, finally revealing the secrets she’s planned to take to her grave?

~ * ~



~ * ~

Want a little teaser? How about this…

The tightly controlled voices of the two men she loved stopped her from moving farther into the grand foyer. She stepped in front of the stroller carrying her sleepy son and ran her hands through her short blonde tresses. Riding her horse over wasn’t the smartest decision she’d ever made. She attempted to brush off the horse hair littering her jeans, but there was too much. Oh, well.

“Malachi McDuffie is her bodyguard. He and Colin will guard her. No strangers are allowed on your property while she’s here. Not one. Malachi is bringing her home to me,” Jameson “Brady” Ross said.

He worried too much. She wasn’t going anywhere else after she settled things with Eric except home to him. She loved him, and after all he’d done for her…. Gosh, Brady had rescued her from her ex-husband, Steve Nelson. He’d healed her, protected her, lost almost two years of his life to take care of her. When she’d gone into early labor, he’d delivered her son safely. All he’d asked in return was for her to be faithful to him. One day, when she was finally over Eric North, maybe she would take the plunge and marry him. It wasn’t too much to ask after all the sacrifices he’d made for her. He loved her, really loved her. And she loved him. He wasn’t Eric, but he was hers.

“Yes. You’ve repeated your rules over and over for the last twenty minutes. You might think I’m a little slow, but I assure you I’m not. Stop procrastinating and leave. You don’t need to be here when I see her,” Eric North said in a bored business tone.

Straightening her back, she tamped down the anxiety of seeing the man she wished loved her as much as she loved him. A year and a half without him hadn’t changed her feelings.

Brady couldn’t stall Eric forever. She had to get this over with. Telling Eric about their son Ben had to be done. Eric was already involved with someone else. All she had to do was let him know he was the father of her baby. What he decided to do with the information was up to him. If Eric didn’t want Ben, Brady would gladly adopt him.

“Um…I…may I…um. Hey…” She couldn’t finish. Her heart seized up at the prospect of his rejection of her and their child.

Maybe Brady is right and I’m not ready to see him. Maybe they didn’t hear me. I could just back out the way I came and no one would know I was even here.

She rubbed her sweaty palms on her pants, taking a moment to regain control.

I can to do this.

“I have someone I want you to meet before he falls asleep again. May I come in?” she asked, her tone lower than usual with a confidence she did not feel.

“Yes, Ava. You’re welcome here always, forever. Nothing has—” Eric stopped before finishing.

Her pulse revved up like a top fuel dragster as Eric nearly skidded to a stop in front of her.

Glancing down to the wooden floor to get away from the blue eyes that seemed to always see deep into her soul, she focused on the task at hand.

“Eric, I’m sorry.” She turned her back to him as an involuntary shudder blew through her.

Getting over Eric would be impossible, not with the way every molecule in her body wanted him.

“No, sweetheart. I’m sorry.”

Ignoring the desire to be in his arms, she bent over Ben’s blue stroller. “I’d like you to meet…”

She stopped from finishing as she struggled to get her sleepy boy out of the stroller. It seemed at almost nine months, her little man was having another growth spurt.

“Let me. I take care of Jacob and Paulette’s little girl all the time. This looks the same as theirs, only blue instead of pink.”

He slid his hand down her arm, sending heavy pulses of electricity straight to her heart, flowing until it landed in her sex. Her hand trembled as his covered hers, so close to their little boy. She turned her head to the side to speak but his mesmerizing gaze stopped her. She trembled so close to him.

I should leave. What if he actually wants full custody of Ben? This might be the worst mistake of my life.

“Ava, it’s okay. I understand. I love kids. What is his name?”

She managed to block his view of their son as he wrapped his arms around her from behind in an embrace.

“I can’t lose him,” she whispered.

“You won’t. Brady wouldn’t do that to you. What is his name?”

Her breath hitched but her voice held steady under all the panic trying to find a way out. “His name is Benjamin West Black.”


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