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Just Released! Past Lives by Erica Felina

by admin

Sending a new book out is like sending your kindergartener off to the first day of school. Will kids like her? Will her teacher be nice? Will she come home excited or weary? Of course, I hope all my readers like Past Lives and come away excited and happy to have spent the time reading it. Logically, I know that some will love it, some will stop reading after page six. Some will tell their friends it’s a must-read; some will tell their friends not to bother. Obviously I can’t control the feelings and tastes of others, only my own, and I’m happy to send my “baby” out into the world, knowing that no matter what happens, I’ve done my best. So, dear readers, do your best in all you attempt. That’s all anyone requires.

There are a lot of erotic novels and a lot of romance novels, but Past Lives combines both in a unique story that resurrects memories of Mara Cinque’s many lives as a sexual and sensual woman/man. As she and Dr. Richard Tumesso explore her previous lives, they fall in love, but professional constraints keep him from speaking, and her fear of sex keeps her from confessing her attraction.

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