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Just Released! FALLEN FIRE by Monica Owens @AuthorMonicaO

by admin

Araqiel…what can you say? A tortured soul who desperately wants his daughter back; Esme, a woman searching for answers to her cousin’s disappearance; and a fallen angel who hasn’t quite left the picture yet. You get the idea, there’ll be sparks, fights, and fire. Lots and lots of fire. Enjoy!

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Fallen Angels series: Yes, the Fallen Angel Series. Fallen Demon, Fallen Daughters, Fallen Justice, Fallen Grace, Fallen Hunters-Bacchus



ISBN – 9781603100557


PURCHASE –  $3.99

Araqiel is raising a little girl and trying to save humanity from themselves. As items related to the Fallen Angels begin to surface on websites and in auctions, Araqiel begins an investigation that will change his life forever.

Esme Jean-Pierre used to work for the Louvre. After finding more money in the private sector, Esme goes to work procuring unusual objects for her employers. She jumps at the chance to head to Germany and a small auction with several items her employers are interested in. But that’s not the only reason Esme wants to go to Germany.

Both Esme and Araqiel have lost those close to them. Can they get past their losses to find common ground before Esme’s employers destroy them both?

To My Readers: We’re going back to Germany! Rack’s been waiting for his happily ever after for way too long. It’s time he got it…

About the Author: Monica Owens lives in Texas but is originally from Wisconsin. She’s been married for more than 20 years to the man of her dreams and is mother to a menagerie of animals. When she isn’t working her 9 to 5 job, she’s working on the world of the Fallen Angels. Come along for the ride!

Twitter:  @AuthorMonicaO

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